The Last One by Alexandra Oliva

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva
Published by:  Ballantine Books (July 12, 2016)
Genre:  Post-Apocalyptic/Suspense/Thriller
ISBN-13:  978-1101965085
My Rating:  3/5

My Summary:  Twelve contestants, in an attempt to win $1M, agree to join a “Survivor-esque” reality show.  The show, a sort of survival game, is set in the woods.  The game has many challenges that are designed to test the contestants endurance and skills.  When the contestants are separated during a challenge, and the camera crews disappear, Zoo can only think the new deserted world she has stumbled upon, that includes rotting corpses, is just part of the game.  In an effort to survive until the end, she can not quit.  Later, she starts to wonder if she is still in the game or if the Earth has encountered the Apocalypse.

My Thoughts:  I really enjoyed the idea and premise of this book – it had all the great makings of a good story.  Unfortunately, I did not care for the way the author delivered this tale.  The book switches between Zoo’s (the Protagonist) perspective and a sort-of omnipresent narrative perspective.  The omnipresent perspective is very boring and confusing because it is written more like a director’s view , where the characters are referred to by their attributes as opposed to their names.  From Zoo’s perspective, the characters are called by name.  I almost felt like I needed to take notes in order to keep everyone straight.  I also found the omnipresent narrative perspective to be almost over-telling, to the point where it bored me to tears.  The only reason I finished this book was because I enjoyed the writing from Zoo’s perspective.  I felt a connection with her and would have liked to read more from her POV.

Would I Recommend This Book?  Probably not.  I felt like I had to force myself to complete it.  If you are one that enjoys a different type of writing perspective, then I say
The Last One is certainly that…different.

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