The Greatest Woman I Ever Knew

Once upon a time, not very along ago, there lived the most beautiful, vibrant woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She was a strong woman, who loved Jesus and her family with all her heart. She was the kindest woman and the most amazing friend. Her laugh would brighten your day and her smile would make you grin.  She was a wonderful listener and the best advisor of life.  She always knew exactly what to say to make you feel everything was okay.

Her chef skills were some of the best. She very easily could have rivaled with some of the top restaurants in the nation.  Her gardening skills were even better than her cooking. She always grew the most delicious tomatoes and her flowers were so full of color.  If I think about it long enough, I can still see her in her gardening hat tending to the plants.

A little over eleven years ago she was called Home by the Father. The day she took her journey is the day I lost my biggest cheerleader.  It is the day I lost my best friend.  I miss her so much; I would give anything just to hear her voice.

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