Q:  Who are your favorite authors?

Oh, wow.  That is honestly a difficult question to answer.  I guess it would depend on which genre or time period we are referring to.  I can say that I am usually never disappointed by any work from  Stephen King, Emily Giffin, Sarah Waters, Kate Atkinson, Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham, Chuck Hogan, Justin Cronin, and Greg Iles.  Are they my “favorite authors”?  Maybe, but I really enjoy any good read.  Some of the most recent authors I have discovered have blown me away!  With that said, I am confident in saying my “Favorite Author List” changes quite often.

Q:  Do you only read fiction?

Of course not.  I have a personal policy where I read one nonfiction book for every three fiction.  I feel it helps keep me grounded, a little.

Q:  Where do you get your advanced readers copies?

I am what is considered in the business as a “professional reader”, so I obtain books from many different locations.  I have had authors, publishers, or representatives of a book send me advanced copies in exchange for a review.  I have also been given copies by being an active member of Goodreads (since Oct 2009), First to Read, and Net Galley.  If you are interested in becoming a professional reader, then a quick Google search can provide you with several great resources on how to get started.

Please Note – Being a professional reader is not about simply obtaining free books.  A professional reader is given the opportunity to pre-read a book in exchange for an honest opinion.  It is a form of marketing for the author and publishing company.  If you can not commit to providing a review, then please do not waste their time.

Q:  Can I send you a copy of my latest novel or the novel I am representing?

Absolutely!  Please make sure to send me a message first using the outline described in my “Review Policy”.